Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Title

I decided to write a blog but couldn't come up with just the right title. I knew that I wanted my name in it because I'm quite proud of my special, unique name but that's the only part of the title I was sure about. I thought about it alot, said some out loud to see how they sounded, asked my friends on facebook to give me some suggestions (got a lot of good ones too). I even typed some as web addresses to see what they would look like online. For example, I thought about naming my blog, "Temre's Take" you know, like my take on things, but when you write it out as a web address it becomes: http://www.temre/ It now says Temre Stake. Not sure if that sounds like a new crime fighting name for me or if I'm going to be writing about a sharp piece of wood used to kill vampires but either way I didn't like the way it looked so I didn't use it! Finally, I thought, " Why do you even want to write a blog? You're not an expert in any subject, you're not terribly knowledgeable in any one area, what's the point? What are you going to write a blog about"? My answer: It's just a place for me to write my random thoughts, ideas and inspirations. It's just a place for me to offer my perspective on things. It's just a blog about me, that I might one day be able to share with my boys. So, that's where the title came from, this blog is just about me, just Temre. So, that's where it started...now let's see where it goes! :-)


  1. You can always name it "Ask Temre" LOL to get your take on stuff. LOL. IDK I am never good with names. :)

  2. So far so good! A couple of ideas for your title: Temre Talk; Temre's Outlook..sheesh I'm no good at titles...I tried looking in the Thesaurus to give me ideas..but there are so many words, lol. Anyway keep it up Temre! :)


  3. Congratulations on starting your blog and thank you so much for visiting my blog. You sound like you are living a really fulfilled and busy life. LOVE the idea of being an entertainer at Disneyland, that sounds brilliant fun! x